Tax Tables and Payroll Withholding Software

Tax Tables and Tax Table software

01/06/2016 Tax Table software, components and data for computing payroll withholding amounts.

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Tax Table Software

For over 10 years, Caliber Technology has provided tax table data and software components for calculating US withholding taxes. We not only simplify your coding chores, but we also provide you with vigilant monitoring for rate changes.

You can download and start using the software immediately. Our evaluation packages contain fully working software along with a sample project which shows how to use it.

Tax Update Service

With a subscription to the Tax Update Service, you get the latest Federal, State, Local and Unemployment tables for your application, without the need to recompile your application. Whenever any jurisdiction makes a change to its withholding formula, you'll receive an email notifying you of the nature of the update. You may then immediately download the new tax tables from our web site.

We're set up to handle both in-house and "retail" payroll applications for you. The licensing couldn't be simpler--you pay a flat rate for royalty-free access to the software and tax tables. See the FAQ page for more information on subscribing.